Measure E

What does history teach us?

I am not a life long Pacifican, but I choose to stay in Pacifica for many of the same reasons the rest of us do. When I first noticed that signatures were being collected outside our super markets to place Measure L, the quarry development initiative, on the November ballot, I immediately thought: Didn't we vote this down just a few years ago? Of course we did. So before I signed, I tried to establish what the difference was between the current proposal, L, and the prior one, 2002's E.

Putting the cart before the horse

The "blank check" Measure L on the November ballot is a wonderful example of putting the cart before the horse.

Voting on a housing initiative before there is a concrete plan makes perfect sense from Mr. Peebles' point of view. He doesn't want to spend 2 years doing the hard work of preparing a detailed project plan, getting it approved by the City, and convincing Pacificans it was good for the City, only to have the voters turn it down.

The Quarry Charade

During March 2005 Melissa Hippard, Lennie Roberts, & myself met with R. Donahue Peebles of the Peebles Atlantic Corporation at the Conservation Center in Palo Alto. The subject of the meeting was a proposed development by Mr. Peebles of the landmark quarry in Rockaway Beach; the quarry is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean & SR 1.

Text of Measure E

For those curious about the status of the previous "Pacifica Village Center" project, Measure E, which was defeated (3,511 / 33.8% Yes votes ...... 6,867 / 66.2% No votes).

The City has received a development proposal for the Quarry site from the Trammell Crow Company to create the "Pacifica Village Center," a development of up to 315 residential units on the Quarry site as part of a mixed-use development project.

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